Sickbird 2010

Jun 20 2010 Gordon

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The Sickbird event officially happened last week thanxs to the raptor closing being lifted in Eldorado State Park this spring. The Sickbird was dreamed up to make the most of the park’s sports in a single day; climbing, cycling, and kayaking. Basically, you bring all your favorite toys to Eldo, and go-all-day-long.

Starting in the lower Eldorado State Park parking lot, we started with an ascent of the Naked Edge. Afterwards, returning to our vehicles and toys, we suited up for a road-bike ride to Pinecliff, Colorado, up Coal Creek Canyon (Hwy 72). At Pinecliff, we exchanged bikes for boats (shuttled up by a friend) and boated back down South Boulder Creek to the park running the USBC and LSBC kayak runs.

This year we met at Eldo at 4:30am and finished the boating just before 9pm. The weather, the raptors, and water levels (dam controlled) all cooperated with us year, making it possible to complete each stage.

Success with the Sickbird really boils down to logistics and support. You have to have a team that moves quickly together to complete the Sickbird itinerary. Thanx to Graeson, Andy, Meli, and Erik for helping support our logistics throughout the day.

2 thoughts on “Sickbird 2010

  1. frenchy

    Nice work fellas!!! I’m sore just thinking about your day.

    Gordon, I think you meant 9pm for the finish, instead of 9am.

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