Camping Souvage

May 9 2010 Gordon

Every once in a while you get screwed. After a fanatastic 70km ride up Rio Navia. I reached a town called Grandas. It was Sunday in Spain and this town was dead. Nothing was open, no food, no hotels, no campgrounds. One bar was open. So what do you do?
Plan B: eat bar food which includes pound cake, peanuts, and ice cream That’s all the bar had. Not even any tapas which is unheard of in Spain. I also loaded up on vino tinto which is practically free in Spain. Of course, there is the other Sunday religon; futball on TV to help pass the time. Strangely, the town had wifi but no food on Sunday?
Since you have no place to sleep and it is 6:40pm, it’s time for “camping souvage” (Francais). Which means you must resort to camping in an unimproved campsite. Rare in Europe, but no big deal in North America. So tonight I will camp souvage for the first night of the trip; no hot shower, no morning expresso, no AM crissont delivered to my tent. If I don’t survive the camping souvage night please shed a tear for me when you can.

5 thoughts on “Camping Souvage

  1. john moran

    Well Gordon it’s not like you’re doing it for the first time. I’m sure the coffee shop is right down the street. That’s the problem with those catholic countries they take that day or rest thing pretty seriously

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  3. edward

    Gordon, sound like a fabulous trip. Tara in Vancouver gave me the link to your site. Curious how the Ritchey break away performed, and it was to ride over long distance? Is it a similar ride to regular steel road frame. Thanks

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