Lighten Up!

May 3 2009 Gordon

The above four items = 4 lbs.
The above four items = 4 lbs.

I finally have my lite-weight camping setup together. After about two months of shopping and researching, I have a new bag, sleeping pad, stove, and 2-man tent that all fit easily into my Watershed carrying bag. I even have extra space for some other travel items. It is amazing how this “go-lite” equipment has changed since I last upgraded my camping gear. My next objective is getting this gear on my road bike and not looking like a mule. The goal is lite, stealth, and compact. My goal is to be pannier-free!

Lite weight camping gear:

  • 16 oz/$270 Western Mtn. Highlite Bag
  • 9 oz/$75 ThermaRest Neo Air 3/4 pad
  • 38 oz/$270 Tarptent, Cloudburst 2 person tent
  • 1 oz/$35 Vargo Titanium Stove
  • 64oz or 4lbs. Total