Google Voice Mobile

Jul 31 2009 Gordon


Here are some screenshots of  Google Voice Mobile on an iPhone. I have only played around with it for a day, sending calls back and forth, and checking Google’s transcribe performance (voice mail to text messages and voice mail to email voice messages). The call quality seems very good, possibly better than Fring or Skype calls. Google Voice seems very confusing when dialing your first calls. What is going on? Everything is being routed through your Google phone number and at the same time, all your call activity is being transcribed within your Google account. Our test calls didn’t seem to use any of our TMobile minutes, though Google Voice uses your phone carrier’s voice network calling your Google number, thereafter, it seems to work over your wifi network. Google Voice does not work over an Edge network. As a amateur GV user, I don’t full understand how all this technology works yet. But you must have a jail-broken iPhone, to get GV Mobile, or until Apple changes it’s mind about allowing the Google Voice App back into the Apps Store (Apple pulled it last week).  I can’t even imagine how someone at Google came up with this idea/technology. It will be interesting to see if this technology will be readily adopted by users or if it seems too clunky for placing phone calls.