iPhone in Canada

Feb 11 2010 Gordon
Rogers Prepaid SIM Card

I now have a SIM card for each country in North America. Recently, I used my unlocked iPhone in Canada with their local carrier; Rogers Wireless. Yes, the dreaded Canadian cellular iPhone ripoff, Rogers Wireless; with their still horrible customer service.
My original online research seemed to suggest that buying a cheap Canadian Seven-Eleven Nokia phone and pulling the SIM card from the Nokia was the cheapest avenue to procuring a Canadian GSM compatible SIM card for my iPhone. This was unnecessary. Rogers Wireless now sells prepaid SIM cards for $10. That makes getting the Canadian SIM card easy, but the prepaid minutes are still expensive, but cheaper than the commitment of a Roger’s iphone contract, which won’t work for travelers to Canada.
So after buying the $10 SIM card, you can purchase $20 worth of prepaid minutes from Rogers. That’s $30 bucks to have an iPhone in Canada with some minutes. The minutes from Rogers are expensive; 25 cents/minute for the first 5 minutes of each day, and thereafter, the rate per minute drops to 15 cents per minute for the rest of that day. This is called Roger’s Pay As You Go prepaid (per minute) plan. There are other prepaid plans, but I was told by my Rogers rep that this was the most popular prepaid plan. Also, note that these prepaid plans do not offer a data option. If you want data, then, Roger’s will push you towards a contract.
Last year, I couldn’t even use my iPhone in Canada, this year, iPhone travelers to Canada have a reasonable prepaid option.