iPhone Prepaid Canada

Aug 2 2012 Gordon
Two years ago prepaid iPhone options didn’t really exist for tourists traveling to Canada. In August of 2012 prepaid options for smartphones are now readily available. Roger’s Pay as you go wireless plans will cost you $35 for 100MB of data or $45 for 500MB and includes the cost of the SIM card. If you used your iPhone for limited voice or texting during your Canadian visit, those calls will be deduced from your prepaid balance. Telus is another Canadian carrier option with rumored superior coverage outside of Canadian cities. It’s has a 3-tiered prepaid wireless plan as follows: $45 for 100MB data, $60 for 500MB, and $65 for 1GB. The above amounts all include Telus’ more expensive $35 SIM card. If I was planning a longer trip to Canada, I would probably purchase the Telus prepaid plans over the Roger’s plans, as they offer more data and a better rural network. Roger’s would work for shorter trips, where you are spending most of your time in cities. These prepaid wireless plans basically work for email and limited web browsing, so you might want to reset your cellular data usage in your iPhone/iPad’s Settings>Usage>Cellular Usage to monitor your prepaid usage. Another option for US Verizon customers is buying international roaming data at $25 per 100MB from Verizon Global. This wireless option only works for data but could work for a shorter visit to an international destination. The pitfall of this option, is that Verizon has your billing information and should you use more than 100MB of data (which is not much), you are charged another $25 for each additional 100MB. The local Canadian prepaid carriers just shut you down when you burn through your prepaid credits, so using international roaming is still potentially very expensive for US Verizon customers.