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Apr 28 2010 Gordon
iPhone WordPress App
iPhone WordPress App

I have gotten a few inquires about the bike tour update web page. This is the update page I published a couple of days ago; it has a text post with comments, a google map with my route, and a photo gallery. No, I don’t have a laptop with me on my bike, nor was the page created from an internet cafe. This page was created entirely on an iPhone and the pictures you see were taken with an iPhone not my Canon Powershot. The content was all uploaded with a 3G Vodafone prepaid data connection.
If your eyes have already glossed over stop reading, it only gets worse. So if you’re still with me read on for the specifics.
All of components of my bike tour update were produced with WordPress-related tools. The WordPress blog post initially gets created on my iPhone with the WordPress iPhone application. I can also monitor the post comments with this same application.
The ever-expanding photo gallery you see at the bottom of the post’s text is a WordPress plugin called nextGen. Any pic I upload to the nextGen gallery automatically gets thumbnailed and added to the gallery of trip thumbnail pics you see.
You may have noticed that many of my pics are panoramic in width. These pics are taken with an application called Pano. This app really helps with the limits of the iphone’s non adjustable lense. Pano sews all the small frame pictures together to create nicer landscape shots.
The Google map with my route gets created with umapper which is also a WordPress plugin. This umapper map has a KML file associated with it and has the map overlay content you see (overnight locations, route GPS points, etc). The future plan for the map will be for GPS points to be received from Twitter posts with geo-tagging data. Any Twitter post hashtagged with #spain_route_gps would be added to the existing map. So the map would update itself whenever I want to Twitter a GPS point.
The neat thing about the update page is that it is entirely created and updated from an iphone anywhere during the bike trip.

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