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Sep 3 2010 Gordon
iPhone camera to WordPress photo gallery

The best photography happens for me when I carry a small camera in my pocket at all times. The camera chip on my older iPhone was horrible and I deemed it unacceptable. The new camera chip (5 mega pixel) included within the iPhone 4 motivated me to upgrade from my older iPhone. A secondary goal was to eliminate my point and shoot Canon Powershot camera and carry just one camera; in my phone. I have always liked my Powershot, but having a decent camera integrated into a smart phone is just so much more practical and convenient when you want to travel simple and light. The whole process of getting pictures online can be accomplished with one device now. This post covers how I take iPhone pictures and upload them into a WordPress site with a NextGen photo gallery.

Here are the challenges: You have a bunch of trip pics that need to be uploaded, possibly image enhanced, resolution corrected, add a text image description, and finally, thumb-nailed and sorted within a photo gallery on a WordPress post or page. You might not have a computer or a wifi connection, and maybe you want to upload additional pics to your photo gallery as your trip progresses. The following process is how I get my photos online into my WordPress trip post.

Before I leave on a trip, I create a standard WordPress post for my trip. I also create a Nextgen photo gallery for my trip. Next, I embed the NextGen photo gallery into my WordPress post. Initially, I might not have any images for my photo gallery. As I start accumulating  photos of my trip, I upload my desired images to my WordPress server and FTP them into the desired NextGen gallery folder (yourdomain.com/wp-content/gallery/mytripfolder/). The only step I need to do in the WordPress/NextGen admin is to have the NextGen plugin scan for any new images uploaded recently. NextGen will scan my gallery folder for new pictures; resizing them, and creating the necessary gallery thumbnail images.

Below is a NextGen photo gallery of pics all taken with the iPhone 4 camera. If I need a wide angle shot, I use the Pano iPhone application. Pano can stitched together multiple pictures to create the wide panorama pictures you see in the gallery. The iPhone’s camera lens is flat and not optically adjustable, so the zooming function is created digitally; which usually results in poor image quality.

With the iPhone’s high resolution retina technology it is actually possible to do some image correction functions from the iPhone’s small but very crisp display. If I have an image that needs some tonal adjustment, cropping, or sharping, I can make those adjustments with my finger with Adobe’s Photoshop Mobile application. I have found that many of my iPhone’s images do not need much digital correction.

My images were uploaded from my iPhone’s camera roll with an application called FTP on the Go. This was the best uploading application with many FTP functions; including the ability to change image sizes and adjust server file permissions. It also works over Wifi, 3G, and Edge networks.

There are other options to get your iPhone pictures to your WordPress site. WordPress for iOS is an iPhone app that allows posting and uploading of pictures to a post. But the WordPress for iOS app can’t match NextGen when it comes to organizing and displaying multiple photos within a blog post.

Note: The pictures below were taken with iOS 4.01. Since then Apple has released version 4.1 which includes the HDR photography feature. HDR supposedly deals with pictures with varying light intensities and takes three pictures and combines the best areas of each of those adjusted shots. Ever taken a shot with a washed-out sky? This technology deals with those kind of challenging shots. I will experiment with HDR as soon as my jail broken phone allows me to update to iOS 4.1.

3 thoughts on “iPhoto Photography to WordPress Photo Gallery

  1. nuchun

    The only step I need to do in the WordPress/NextGen admin is to have the NextGen plugin scan for any new images uploaded recently. >>> How to do this one?
    I am really glad to discover this methode. THX a lot !

  2. Vince

    Gordon, this is probably one of the best solutions I have seen for anyone interested in hosting their own iPhone photos on a WP site. As I’m one of the poor saps losing mobileme’s gallery soon, I have been searching for another way to host my own photos. This will definitely work when it comes to my iPhone photos. Now if I can only find a similar feature / plugin for iPhoto (w/o opening an ftp program that is)!

    And I think what nuchun was asking was how do you – on the road – have NextGen scan for new images uploaded recently. I expect you’d just log into the admin of WP and do it there. 🙂 Wish there was an iPhone WP NextGenGallery app!

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