New iPhone Plans

Feb 3 2011 Gordon

I recently had to find an individual iPhone plan for the U.S. I didn’t need many monthly voice minutes, so the plans I mention basically represent the cheapest iPhone plans by carrier. These plans are for people who already own their iPhones and don’t want a phone contract or a subsidized iPhone. AT&T is now about $75/month*, Verizon $80/month**, and TMobile is $60/month*** (Feb 2011). The TMobile 500 minute plan dropped approx. $20 since last year. All the prices above do not include taxes and career’s standard “phantom fees”. It is possible to have slightly cheaper plans with all these carriers, but this would require signing up for metered text and data options, which come with heavy penalties for over usage, so beware.

*AT&T/450 minutes/1000 Texts/2GB Data/unlimited AT&T hotspots
**Verizon/450 minutes/500 Texts/unlimited Data
***TMobile/500 minutes/unlimited Texts/unlimited Data (EDGE only)