Pano App Review

Sep 17 2010 Gordon

I use Pano alot for outdoor photography but I want more from this neat iPhone app. My iOS is version 4.01 (jailbroken) so I believe it does not work with Apple’s HDR technology which is too bad because blown out skies occur frequently with panorama shots. Pano is also brutal to line up the overlay area in bright light situations (developer request: maybe widen the overlay area in the future). The touch screen square box tonal adjust feature does not work in Pano like the default Apple camera app. Retinal resolution compatibility is easy on your eyes with iPhone 4 models and Pano v_4.0.4. Hoping the iOS firmware upgrade to 4.1 and HDR will make Pano even better. Would be great to see some Photoshop tips from Pano developers on repairing the frame seams that sometimes appear on Panoramas that did not merge well. Still giving this app 4 out of 5 stars in my Apple Store review.

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