TIM Telecom Italy

Jul 5 2012 Gordon
I have a friend traveling in Italy this month and trying Italy’s TIM telecom prepaid. They have a promo now for 9 euros that gives you 30 days of unlimited data, texting, and 5 euros of voice credits. If you are planning to call back to North America you’ll need to add more voice credits. Perfect for a trip to Italy. Seems like local European carriers have dropped their prepaid rates by approximately 50% since last year (or Italy really is tanking). Another friend used Verizon’s global data ($25 for 100MB data) in Canada this month, another reason to avoid AT&T’s and Verizon’s international plans.

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  1. Gordon

    Just a final follow up and thumbs up on TIM in Italy. The data connection was sometimes Edge and sometimes 3G speed. The data connection was also shareable with other devices through the iPhone’s Hotspot. The TIM SIM also worked outside of Italy in neighboring countries.

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