Traveling with Google Voice

Mar 28 2010 Gordon
Transcribed call in Google Voice

This is how to get all your voice messages forwarded and transcribed to your GMail account while you are out of the country. Before you leave, initiate call forwarding with your phone carrier and you must have a Google Voice phone number as well. For TMobile you dial; **21* (Verizon **73*) Google Voice Number# from your phone, to activate call forwarding. On a TMobile iPhone you will see a displayed message stating that voice call forwarding is on for all incoming calls. When someone calls your phone, they will immediately be forwarded to your Google Voice number and can leave a voice message associated with your Google Voice number. Google Voice will transcribe the audio message and send your GMail account an email with the transcribed message. When you return home just call ##21# to terminate call forwarding (TMobile).
Checking voice messages from a foreign country can be difficult or not even possible if don’t have local phone service. If you have phone service in a foreign country, international roaming fees will be applied and they are expensive. Getting your voice messages via email is much more convenient when traveling abroad.

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