Feb 28 2019
Ultimate Idaho Rivers Itinerary

Planning the ultimate Idaho whitewater itinerary. No vehicle shuttling and 200 miles of wilderness whitewater. Two air shuttles. Can you improve this trip itinerary? Drive to South Salmon Confluence Campsites.Boat Upper South Fork and East Fork runs.Boat South Salmon run.Air...


Jan 15 2019
Grid Layout Blog Design

Moved from the standard Wordpress scrolling blog layout to a Bootstrap grid blog design. Index.php uses Bootstrap cards for each blog post. Single.php still uses the old WordPress layout with right sidebar content. I think it’s a little more modern...


Jul 21 2018
Cycle Touring Northern Norway

  During our first cycling tour of Norway in 2013, we ran out of time to reach the northern regions of Norway. This June (2018), we chose to cycle in three regions: the Lofotons, Senja, and Helgeland (Bodo to Trondheim),...


Nov 8 2017
New Bootstraps Themes

With Bootstrap 4 comes new Bootstrap themes from Bootswatch. You can now choose from 21 theme styles to immediately (one click) give your Bootstrap site a new look, color and feel.


Jun 23 2017
Redux Video Background Module

Looping video backgrounds are very popular on home pages. I decided to make a homepage module so WordPress users could quickly build one on their home pages. Users only need a short video clip and some homepage module settings to...

Bootstrap, Redux, Wordpress

Aug 7 2016
Sprinter SketchUp

Learning Google SketchUp for a Sprinter DIY conversion. Wow! It’s not like PhotoShop at all.


Jul 19 2016
Aspen Road Bike Rides

These are the 6 standard road bike rides around Aspen. I did not include Independence Pass (Hwy 82) because I don’t recommend riding it with its negative roadway shoulders. If you want to ride Indy, do it when it is...


Jun 21 2016
Switched to Ride with GPS

[caption id="attachment_9351" align="alignleft" width="150"] Custom widget[/caption] I waited years for Strava to allow you to embed your rides into a website. But Strava’s engineers never listened, so I switched to the Ride with GPS iOS app. Not only does Ride with...


Jun 2 2016
California Whitewater 2016

With years of California drought, I forgot how good the boating is in California. Kayaking on the Kern and Kaweah rivers this May. Thanx to Brett Duxbury for his drone footage. Length:7:30. You can now select the video quality your...


Apr 11 2016
Redux Parallax Module

After building a parallax in a client site, I decided that my clients might want to create or edit their own parallax. A web parallax is a vertically fluid scrolling of images and text. A parallax is easier to understand...


Mar 27 2016
Benefits of the Bootstrap Framework

I started playing around with Bootstrap in 2015 when I didn't understand what Bootstrap was or why a web designer would build websites using Bootstrap. Since then, I have built 6 Bootstrap sites and can now give five broad reasons to choose Bootstrap as a theme/framework...