Mar 6 2016
Kayaking Colombia

Colombia is a mix of mountains and jungles which creates a rich area of bio-diversity. An invitation to a wedding gave me the opportunity to visit this South American country in February of 2016. The photos are from around Cartagena...


Feb 1 2016
Wasatch 2016

Some clips from a Utah skiing trip in January 2016. You can now select the video quality your internet connection can provide: HD 1080p, HD 720p, 360p or Auto.

Backcountry Skiing

Jan 6 2016
Tetons 2015

Some clips from this holidays Teton trip. You can now select the video quality your internet connection can provide: HD 1080p, HD 720p, 360p or Auto.

Backcountry Skiing

Jun 6 2015
Redux Homepage Theme Options

Your site's homepage is the most important page of your site. It is where your visitors land and the homepage needs to be interesting to keep your visitors at your site. This is an introduction to creating a WordPress homepage with...

Bootstrap, Wordpress

Nov 21 2014
Creating a WordPress Retina Photo Gallery

Recently I decided to improve my WordPress photo gallery. The goal was to improve my pictures when viewed with the new high-end retina or 4K displays. This post covers some of the challenges I encountered and image technology improvements that WordPress now...


Sep 16 2014
Euro Tour Update 1.3

In September of 2014 version 1.3 of Euro Tour was released. In this free version you will find a new chapter on Tour Budgets, a new Scotland tour, the preface has been revised, new gear items, new Google map engine for...

Cycling, Euro Tour

Aug 29 2014
Cycling Scotland

This is a 12 day tour we cycled in August along the coastal side of the Scottish Highlands. You will find island hopping touring on Scottish single track roads through cool deciduous forests. The single track roads provide excellent riding with...


Aug 1 2014
No Surf Colorado

Nice boating season... some surfing and kayaking clips from spring of 2014 in Colorado. Video: 4:25 min/sec.


Apr 19 2014
Images and Widgets in WordPress 3.9

The last time I wrote an article about WordPress it was at version 3.5 and having a WordPress site that was responsive to all the new internet devices was the upgrade goal for many WordPress sites. This post focuses on working...


Dec 26 2013
Embedding Google Maps in WordPress

This is a tutorial to get your custom Google Maps embedded into WordPress. Your custom Google Maps from My Places can be embedded easily into a WordPress post. First, create a My Places custom map, you are basically creating the overlay...


Dec 25 2013
Pics of 2013

These were 11 of my favorites in 2013... Have a great 2014.[gallery type="rectangular" ids="7447,7444,7441,7445,7440,7446,7443,7450,7442,7449"]