Oct 8 2013
iPhone 4s to 5s Upgrade

I usually upgrade every other generation of the iPhone. The question this fall is was the upgrade from the iPhone 4s to the 5s worthy? Here are my impressions after about 2 weeks with the 5s. I have the Verizon...


Oct 5 2013
Minimum Crag Maple Canyon Some of the first footage with the Hero 3 Black on the telescoping cheater stick. Climbers shown at 2x speed.


Jul 14 2013
Cycle Touring Norway

  Notes on Cycling Norway [caption id="attachment_7240" align="alignright" width="225"] Viking church[/caption] I had never been to Norway nor anywhere in Scandinavia before June 2013. This post is a summary of what I learn along the way in one of the...


Jul 13 2013
Prepaid Data Plan in Norway

I purchased a Netcomm SIM with 800MB of data for $56 (USD). This is more expensive than other European countries but fast wifi connections were hard to come by in Norway. After 35 days (no video watching), I still had...


May 17 2013
Swiss Telcom Sunrise

This May I needed a cellular data provider for Switzerland. All the Swiss telecoms providers are conveniently located across from the Zurich airport baggage claim. I could easily shop rates with, Orange, and Sunrise. I purchased Sunrise's $20 per...


Apr 9 2013
Annunaki Crack Indian Creek Annunaki "Ancient Astronauts" -a race of extra-terrestrials who allegedly came to Earth millennia ago and created the human race.


Mar 30 2013
Forecast Weather App

[caption id="attachment_6990" align="alignright" width="225"] Forecast on an iPad[/caption] Recently I stumbled upon a very cool web weather app. Actually, this is a web page called Forecast not an iPhone app, iPad app or Android app, so any device can run this...

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Feb 25 2013
RMP Conditions Nice conditions in the RMP this weekend (Feb 23-24). Thanx to locals for guiding us to the not-so obvious.

Backcountry Skiing

Feb 18 2013
WordPress 3.5

New Post: notes on upgrading to WordPress 3.5…— Gordon Banks (@GordonBanks) February 18, 2013


Dec 21 2012
Twelve Pics for 2012

A dry year, so mostly stuck on da rocks. Happy Holidays. [gallery type="square" size="medium" ids="8411,8412,8413,8414,8415,8416,8417,8418,8419,8420,8421,8422,8423"]

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Dec 13 2012
Google Maps for iPhone

Just tried the new Google Maps for iPhone. My first test was with the public transportation option for directions from my local coffee shop in Boulder, CO to my home.  The results were very good and the most impressive segment...