Forecast Weather App

Forecast on an iPad

Recently I stumbled upon a very cool web weather app. Actually, this is a web page called Forecast not an iPhone app, iPad app or Android app, so any device can run this weather app/page (whatever you want to call it). There are a zillion weather apps or widgets that cover the “weather glut to weather fluff” spectrum but I like Forecast’s UI (user interface) because it’s super clean and concise. The so-called time machine map radar animations are stunning. There are local, regional, and global map views that run with associated timelines that you can jog control to change the radar’s timeline. You can easily see radar 3 days ago or 3 days into the future. If you interpretate your weather visually you will love this app.

Forecast on iphone in time machine radar global view

Forecast’s developers make this statement about their forecasts:

We can predict when it will rain or snow — down to the minute — at your exact location anywhere we have radar coverage

Pretty bold and probably not, but I have not used Forecast enough to test their forecasting accuracy or their confidence levels. They actually don’t even display their confidence levels and this is a major gripe by other weather professionals. Their blog states that their “hyperlocal” forecasting technology, along with mostly NOAA’s data sources gives them very concise local forecasting capabilities. Anyway, I don’t need by the minute predictions on the weather, but I do give the developer’s kudos for a seamless and beautiful app.