Swiss Telcom Sunrise

This May I needed a cellular data provider for Switzerland. All the Swiss telecoms providers are conveniently located across from the Zurich airport baggage claim. I could easily shop rates with, Orange, and Sunrise. I purchased Sunrise’s $20 per 1GB prepaid data plan valid for 30 days. If the “3G” icon in the upper left hand corner of your device (next to “SUNRISE”) disappears you have burned through your GB of data. It seems reasonable for a Swiss visit for a month or less. The Sunrise setup takes about 15 minutes to purchase and activate. They have all 3 sizes of SIM cards including the newer Nano SIM. I got speed tests of 4MBs down on Sunrise’s 3G network which seems pretty fast for a 3G network. There is a Sunrise prepaid deal of $1 per day but it is on a highly throttled (not fast) data network. Sunrise is a good deal in Switzerland but you will find even better prepaid options in other EU countries.
Once you’re online, proceed to the airport’s rail station underneath the Telcom stores. From your train seat, you can be working online to your final Swiss destination. Doesn’t get any easier.