Embedding Google Maps in WordPress

Dec 26 2013 Gordon

This is a tutorial to get your custom Google Maps embedded into WordPress. Your custom Google Maps from My Places can be embedded easily into a WordPress post. First, create a My Places custom map, you are basically creating the overlay content for your Google map. After saving your map, click the link button (chain icon). This brings up the Customize preview panel (shown below). At this point you can:

  • size your map including specific width and height
  • position your map by drag it around
  • set the zoom level you desire
  • select one of four map types to initially display (Standard, Satelite, Terrain, Google Earth)

When you have your desired preview of your map, copy the generated HTML and paste into your WordPress post in text mode. Keep in mind that there are two Google map engines: classic maps (v_1.0) and a newer map API (v_2.0). My example is from the classic engine. The toolsets for the two engines are not equivalent at this time.


The actual Google Map…